University of Dar es Salaam

Since striking up a partnership with the Department of Political Science in the University of Dar es Salaam in 2014, the University remains an important partner. CHRIPS is working with the University faculty in an IDRC-funded study on community-led security mechanism, including development of a series of written pieces drawn from the study and development of written material. Working with Prof. Mohamed Bakari and Mr William J. Walwa, CHRIPS and UDSM expect to publish journals and undertake further research work as part of the partnership. Read more.

University of Rwanda

As part of the 3-year study supported by IDRC, CHRIPS has developed a partnership with the University of Rwanda School of Social Political and Administration Studies. Under the leadership of Dr Eric Ndushabandi, the Dean of the School, and working with Pacifique Barihuta, a researcher, CHRIPS is exploring community-led security mechanisms in Rwanda. Further research partnerships continue to be pursued with University of Rwanda. Read more.

Institute of Development Studies – University of Sussex

CHRIPS has developed a partnership with IDS – Sussex over the years which has entailed a series of studies, policy reflection spaces, conferences and development of publications. Some of the work done in partnership include studies on terrorism and counter-terrorism measures, studies on the impact of large scale development projects on security and stability of affected regions, among others. Read more.

International Development Research Centre (IDRC)

CHRIPS implemented a 3-year project following a grant award from IDRC. The project focused on research on community-led security mechanisms in four East African countries (Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda) to determine the effectiveness of mechanisms employed by community residents in low-income areas in dealing with insecurity challenges, where the state is absent or the areas are prone to receive less service by virtue of their economic status. Read more.

Danish International Development Aid Agency (DANIDA)

CHRIPS has been a recipient of 2 grant awards from Danida. One focused on providing technical support to county governments and national government agencies on devolution and security. The second focuses on Peace, Stabilization and Security implemented in partnership with Act Change Transform! (ACT!). The 5-year grant focuses on peace, security and stabilization in sample counties faced with different challenge to stability. Read more.

Open Society Initiative for Eastern Africa (OSIEA)

CHRIPS implemented a 1-year research study to establish the gaps in research and policy understanding of policing public protests and gatherings in Kenya with funding from OSIEA. The project was concerned with the management of public gatherings and protests by the police which remains a key weakness and gap in police transformation. Police still see and tend to respond to protests as a threat to public order and see their role as that of suppressing, even violently, such threats Read more.