This study will assess the overall accountability and oversight architecture for counter-terrorism in Kenya. It will build on the work that CHRIPS has separately undertaken on the police, intelligence, military and private security actors. It will explore the possibility, prospects of bringing counterterrorism under a cross-cutting accountability mechanism. Comparative practices from other countries will inform this assessment. This will include an evaluation of judicial opinions on accountability on counterterrorism beyond Kenya. The study will further examine local-level citizen engagement with the counter-violent extremism mechanisms proposed under the County Action Plans. Insights from these evaluations will be used to undertake capacity-strengthening and collaborative interventions with civil society and community group actors working in counter-violent and preventive work in selected counties. CHRIPS also intends to promote policy and public discourse on accountability and oversight in Kenya through regular convenings with key stakeholders and policy actors as well as contributions in the media by its researchers and experts.

Specific Objectives

1. To assess the effectiveness of Kenya’s accountability and oversight architecture in counterterrorism.

2. To generate policy proposals on strengthening and establishing new accountability and oversight mechanisms in counter-terrorism.

3. To assess the effectiveness of local citizen engagement in countering and preventing violent extremism as envisaged by the County Action Plans.

4. To strengthen the capacity of CSO and community groups working on accountability and prevention of violent extremism in Kenya.

5. To inform public discourse on accountability and oversight in counter-terrorism in Kenya.