Youth Inclusion for Violence Prevention in Nairobi

This study assessed the extent to which the National Youth Service (NYS) Community Cohorts Programme in Kenya contributed to youth inclusion in economic life and governance, and the impact of that inclusion on violence in Nairobi.  The National Youth Service Programme was the case study. Researchers from the centre looked at new data on the impact of youth economic empowerment programs on inclusion and violence prevention and reduction at local levels. Data and analysis of the practical linkages between jobs and economic opportunities and violence reduction/prevention will be useful to policy makers grappling with what works and what does not. Theoretically, the study contributes to the broader scholarly discussions on youth (men and women) empowerment and inclusion in Africa and the extent to which economic incentives and motivations contribute to prevention and reduction of violence.


Kibera Study Report: Impact of the NYS Cohorts Programme in Kibera

Mathare Study Report: “NYS ilikuwa sure bet!” National Youth Service Cohorts Interventions in Mathare

Research Note:  NYS Cohorts Programme: Emerging Insights and Lessons

Policy Brief: Lessons on youth inclusion from the National Youth Service (NYS) Cohorts programme in Mathare and Kibra

Policy Brief: Impact of NYS cohorts Programme on reduction crime and violence in Mathare and Kibra

Methodology document: Youth Inclusion and Violence Prevention – A Research Agenda